The survival Project

University of California, Irvine - robert cohen theatre | 2019

Director: Mihai Maniutiu

Scenic Designer: Hannah Tran

Costume Designer: Ashton Montgomery

Lighting Designer: Nita Mendoza

Projection Designer: Morgan Embry

Sound Designer: Andrew Tarr

Stage Manager: Bradley Zipser

The Survival Project was a new,devised piece about the different kinds of oppression that people face and the ways they try to survive through it. This was primarily a very movement-based piece, and it was important to keep the space open. The set consisted of minimal, abstract, maneuverable pieces to easily change the setting, and this was also done through lighting and projections. In terms of shape, I was envisioning very sharp, angular lines to I represent the disjointed and fractured environment that surrounds the characters in the play. Going off of these ideas, I chose to have cold, industrial chairs, as well as having these moving steel units that acted as a sort of moving labyrinth for the characters to move through as they worked through the situation they are dealt with.