Sight Unseen

University of California, Irvine - robert cohen theatre | 2016

Director: Trey Morehouse

Scenic Designer: Hannah Tran

Lighting Designer: Darrin Wade

Costume Designer: Claire Mezzeta

Sound Designer: Jordan Tani

Stage Manager: Keira Talley

Sight Unseen by Donald Margulies switches between many different settings and many different time periods in the life of Jonathan Waxman, a famous artist trying to regain artistic inspiration. There were 3 main sections of the set: on stage left was Jonathan’s childhood bedroom, on stage right was an art gallery where Jonathan was being interviewed, and in the center was the home of his former lover and muse. Depending on the scene and setting, a different area would be isolated through lighting. I wanted to create the sense that Jonathan was quickly hopping from one memory to another, as if he was in search of something. I had flats on either side of the stage that were covered in empty frames to be kind of abstract figures of Jonathan’s world, as well as to serve as a representation of the void that he feels in his work. At the end of the play, we are taken back to when Jonathan and his former lover meet, and everything on stage is struck except for his easel, and this was supposed to create a feeling of innocent intimacy.

Working off no budget, everything was either pulled, found, or built by me.