University of California, Irvine - little theatre | 2018

Director: Sara Rodriguez

Scenic Designer: Hannah Tran

Lighting Designer: Tessa Bookwalter

Sound Designer: Jack Bueermann

Stage Manager: Molly O’Donnell

For my scenic design for Proof by David Auburn, I created a dilapidated backyard porch, set in Chicago. I wanted to create the feeling that this porch was like a floating memory; something that felt real, yet distant at the same time. We switch back and forth between different seasons throughout the play. To represent that, there were autumn leaves that stayed on stage the entire time. At one point, it is winter, and it starts to snow. It was important for the snow and leaves to mix together and add to the idea that these memories were unreliable.

Working off no budget, I found all of the materials and built everything.