a bright room called day

University of California, Irvine - robert cohen theatre | 2018

Director: Andrew Borba

Projection Designer: Hannah Tran

Scenic Designer: Tyler Scrivner

Lighting Designer: Jake Brinkman

Costume Designer: Beau Hamilton

Sound Designer: Hunter Moody and Jack Bueermann

Stage Manager: Miriam Mendoza

A Bright Room Called Day is about a group of friends in 1932 and 1933 who are witnessing the rise of the Nazis, and the parallels that can be drawn in our own time. For my projection design, I utilized the transition between scenes to bridge the action in the play to the actual events. In order to help the audience keep track of the timeline of events, I projected the date and historical context on the wall. On the window, I projected historical video that increasingly displayed the impending doom and rise of Hitler. By projecting on the window, I wanted it to feel like we were looking into the apartment of these characters, as if there was a world much bigger than just their apartment.